6 True Ghost Stories that Happened to Me

6 True Ghost Stories that Happened to Me

6 True Ghost Stories That Happened to Me Personally - Is it really nothing when things go bump in the night? - https://jordanandarlohaveanadventure.com - #ghost #creepyIt’s a dark gloomy day here in Pennsylvania. However, it is anything except gloomy to me. I love the rain a lot, it’s so relaxing and peaceful to me❤ Thunderstorms excite me, and I have no idea why. It’s as if it’s just the perfect setting for me.

Do you know what it’s also the perfect setting for? Ghost stories👻👻👻

I’ve been fascinated by the paranormal since I was very young. I’m also the same person that freaks out if I get shampoo in my eyes during a shower because a killer can appear at any second to slay me.. in other words I’m a huge scaredy cat.

I may be fascinated by the unknown, but I also fear them. Nobody knows what ghosts are capable of. Are they a loved one? An angel? Or a demon? What can they do?

I can remember having encounters very young, but I don’t really consider those “real” because I had a very wild imagination as a kid. I more than likely imagined it all then.

What I’m sharing with you are true encounters I experienced. No bull.

I never like to record on ghost expeditions because I just want to experience it and let sleeping dogs lye. I don’t want to keep watching it over and over again. It’s odd enough to begin with.

Let’s begin!


1. We aren’t getting Grandma’s Message

My grandma died in January of 2016. She went peacefully in her own home, and we were all wrecked over it.

For about a week after she died, my sister and I kept having these wild dreams. They were demonic, but when grandma would show herself in the dream, it became very peaceful. I felt like maybe she was trying to tell us something, we just couldn’t figure out what exactly.

My mom had this giant antelope looking skull hanging on her living room wall. My grandma disliked things like that, she wasn’t against hunting, but believed you shouldn’t have a “trophy” for the gift of food I suppose. It also just wasn’t her thing. She liked pretty things, and a dead animal didn’t classify as such.

It hung there for a good while, untouched. Well not long after gram died, that antelope head, just all of the sudden, flew off the wall. Could the mounting have failed? Yeah. I just don’t see why it happened right when it did when it was fine all this time.

Anyways, it was completely smashed, so my mom hung my grandma’s biggest cross-stitch project up in that spot instead. It was of this raccoon in these leaves as if hidden in the trees. When my grandma was alive, it hung in her bedroom. It was her favorite piece she ever made.

Anthony, the boys, and I all stayed the night at my mom’s one night. I woke up in the middle of the night to get something to drink. I was on my way back to the couch from the kitchen when I heard what I THOUGHT was a gun shot. I literally threw myself to the floor behind the couch. It woke the whole house up. That picture FLEW off the wall and the whole frame completely shattered.

My grandpa has since bought a new frame and it is now hung in the same spot. It’s been there for a few months now, and hasn’t tried to soar.

Really wish I could figure out what she’s trying to say..

The only other thing that has happened since that incident is my sister’s friend claimed to have seen a small old lady in my mom’s bathroom that disappeared quickly after being spotted.

5 True Ghost Stories That Happened to Me Personally - Is it really nothing when things go bump in the night? - https://jordanandarlohaveanadventure.com - #ghost #creepy


2. Black Cross

There’s this place that we all went to in high school. It was the talk of the town among us teenagers.

Rumor had it, if you walked far enough down the trail at the Black Cross, you would see a Church. Then you would hear babies cry and dogs bark.

Needless to say, I would never hear the story from anyone first hand. It was literally just a rumor.

We would gather a bunch of people together and go ghost hunting. There’s this plaque right before you enter that states the Black Cross is where numerous people were buried in this massive grave because so many people were dropping dead of influenza.

Every single time I’ve gone here (probably about 10+ times), nothing great happened. It was just us walking around the trail and being spooked by our own shadow.

Anthony, myself, and like…6 other people went one night (before we had kids).

It started out like any typical time I’ve gone. We get our flashlights, and off we go. When you first enter the trail, there’s these three tiny crosses and some stones. They’re always full of coins. We start walking back, arguing over who’s going first and who’s last.

We go pretty far down into the trail and we decide to stop, turn off the flash lights, and see if we actually hear/see anything.

Nothing. Not a sound. The usual.

I get impatient because I want to see something for once.

“Come out, come out, where ever you are! Scare us!” I yelled. Immediately everyone freaks out. “You can’t disrespect them like that!” Blah blah blah.

We go back a little further, and shut the lights out again.

It’s dead silent, nobody said a word. I started to peer around in the darkness when I felt someone tap my right side. I turn to my right and tried to make out whos face it was. Whoever it was, was really tall. “What Anthony?!” I just assumed it was him. He always tries to scare me.

“What?” I turn to my left where I heard him answer. He was all the way to the front of the group. I turned back to my right and realized… I was the last one in the group. There WAS nobody to my right.

I didn’t know what to do at all. Can you run from a ghost? I don’t think so..

I remember being froze and just shouted something along the lines of “OH MY GOD I SAW A GHOST.”

I heard a big range of replies from “Nu-uh!” to “Oh my goodness don’t scare me like that!”


I don’t remember much else except me flying out of there on foot and everybody following close behind. I haven’t been back since.


3. Who died here?

Anthony and I use to live in this small 2 bedroom apartment. We moved in shortly before we had Jordan. It was a nice apartment, but a horrible neighborhood. I can only imagine who or what lived there before us.

I never liked to be there alone. I always felt like somebody else was watching me, just breathing down my neck.

Weird things would happen. Jordan slept in a bassinet when I first had him. It was hot out. I went to lay him down for a nap. I left the blanket off of him and placed it on the side of the bassinet.

I go out in the kitchen and start doing some dishes. I walked down the hallway to grab my phone, when I happened to peek in on Jordan. He was all cuddled up under the blanket. It was all nice and tucked in, the top folded down.

I was so freaked out. I think I even pulled the bassinet out to the kitchen with me.

A few nights later, I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night. When I sat up in the bed, I saw the black figure of a little girl, outlined in red. In a panic, I threw my head under the sheets (good reaction!) and sat up to look again, and if you guessed correctly, it was now gone. This may have just been a dream where I was half asleep, and I’ll never know.

I also had a very unsettling dream. I think I dream’t of having an out of body experience (meaning I really didn’t) and I ran back to Jordan’s room in a panic. When I got there, it was dark and had a bad vibe to it. I stepped in and I heard all of this static and instantly woke up.

Whatever happened there, I bet it happened in Jordan’s room! So glad we moved out.


4. Witching hour

(I’m not using real names in this story because I no longer associate with the people involved).

The witching hour is what most believe to be 3 am. They call it that because it’s said Jesus died at 3pm. So 3am is when all the bad spirits come out since it’s the opposite time.

Anyways, an old friend (we’ll call her Leslie) and I were bored at a party we were at, so she called up one of her guy friends (we’ll call him Winston) and we were going ghost hunting.

Winston takes us to this place like an hour away I believe, and told us he’s never NOT had something happen to him here.

So I was smoking a cigarette (ewh) in the back seat while they were getting out of the car and talking. Out of nowhere, I see this blue smoke spiral up toward the car light. I immediately jumped out of the car and threw my cigarette.

“It was just the smoke from my cigarette…” I blurted out. I was kind of shaken, they had no idea what I was even talking about.

Winston looked afraid himself when we saw his car door open more than it already was, then try to slam shut. It would have slammed shut if he wasn’t standing in front of it!

I freaked out and decided I was staying in the car. They kinda laughed and started walking through the cemetery anyways.

I started thinking…if I stay here, I’m a sitting duck! So I go running after them. I’m walking in between them both, absolutely terrified of what was going to happen.

We’re all just chatting about whatever, when I look down. It was like something made me look down. What I saw made the hair on my neck stand. Wrote out in the shadows read, “DIE”. Trying to keep myself calm, I told them as calmly as I could what I just saw.

It freaked Winston out, “OH MY GOD DON’T SAY THINGS LIKE THAT.”

As soon as he said that, we hear this sharp whistle, then we hear this horse and carriage galloping behind us OUT OF NOWHERE.

I. Took. Off.

I didn’t even think about it. I just ran as fast as my legs would take me, dragging them behind me.

Leslie was kinda mad. “We came out here to get scared. They can’t hurt us!”

“I think they can! I’m done! That was plenty!”

I did not understand how it didn’t even PHASE her.

I sat in the car, Winston jumped in the car soon after.

“Well I’m going to look around some more.” She snapped.

We watched Leslie walk out into the darkness. She walked out a good bit, to the point the fog almost took her out of sight. We saw her crouch down as if she was studying something, then she jumped up and ran back to the car.

“GO GO GO!!” she screamed.

Winston is flying down the road, and we’re both screaming at Leslie, “WHAT! WHAT HAPPENED?!”

She couldn’t even make sentences at this point. About 20 minutes later when we were far away, she finally told us.

“I saw this thing moving on the ground, so I went to look at it, and this big tall black figure just rose out of the grave!”

This is probably the craziest thing to have happened to me during a ghost hunt.

Whatever that thing was I believed followed her. Her house was really creepy after that. I was getting a shower there before when I heard Leslie talking to me. I would start talking back but when I looked out NOBODY was there.

I asked her about it later. “So what were you saying?”

She looked puzzled. “When?”

“While I was getting a shower. We were talking about plans for tonight and you just left.”

She looked at me like I was crazy. “I’ve been down here, dude?”

I started telling her how she was answering me and stuff and she got this horrified look on her face.

“Oh my goodness the same thing happened to me yesterday. I thought you were in the bathroom talking to me and when I got out you were gone!”

I always had weird vibes at her house. I haven’t been there in years so who knows.

5. I See You

This was only a year or two ago. We hadn’t gone ghost hunting in a long time and we left the kids with grandma and went. My kid sister came along for the heck of it.

We pull up to a near-by cemetery and there is this house right next to it. This house had all the lights out except one, an upstairs light was on, but very dim. My sister just mumbles, “Woah, what?!”

I snapped my head around.

There was this freaking lady standing there in the dimly lit window, eerily looking right at us, but with her eyes shut. It was soooooo weird. We didn’t stick around long. We go back through and the lady is gone.

It could have been someone just looking out the window, but the way she was still as stone, and the setting was just creepy.

6. The Cardboard Cutout


Anthony was reading this post and afterwards informed me I forgot the best ghost story YET.


There was this “haunted” bridge we always use to go to. As usual, nothing EVER happened. We basically only went here when we were “ghost hunting” and had nowhere to go.

Rumor says, some girl died on the bridge somehow or other.

One night, we gathered up all our friends, and went out to the stupid bridge. The road is narrow, so we always turned around in this long driveway near the bridge. I’m not sure what happened, but Anthony missed the turn and we had to go down the narrow road further so we could turn back around.

We kept going back a good ways until the road became somewhat bigger. To our left at this turn around was a trailer. . The trailer was split in half, yet it looked…neat I guess you could say. Like it was well kept. There were random things throughout the yard.  It had the eerie feeling and everything to it. It was something you could only see on a scary movie. Like the kind that a girl shows up to a killer’s house because she’s lost and he has this beautiful rich house with a water fountain in the middle of the kitchen, type of deal.

We didn’t think much of it since it was our first time seeing it. Anthony started turning around, I was doing something on my phone. Our one friend was in the backseat, and she started freaking out. I look up to see what she was so afraid of, and Anthony says, “It’s just a cardboard cutout.” I looked at what he was talking about.

“IT F***ING MOVED!” she yelled. The “cardboard cutout” was solid black and looked like the reaper himself. I just stared at it. Kind of frozen with fear, or uncertainty. Whichever comes first.

I was about to say something along the lines of, “I think it’s just a cardboard cutout too.” since it didn’t move while I was looking at it, but right before I could, the damn thing came flying at us. The way it moved…was just odd. It floated, yet stepped. It appeared to have a knife or something in it’s black blob of a hand.

Anthony spun tire, and we almost slammed into our friend’s car trying to get out of there. I remember him leaning out the window yelling for him to go, that we were being chased.

Usually, I can explain most things that happen. Not this one.

Four witnesses, zero answers.

We’ve gone back a few times trying to show other friends, but nothing like this has happened since. Which is probably a blessing in disguise.


Like I said, these are all true as true gets. Some sound crazy but they did happen to me! It make a you think twice when things go bump in the night!



Sweet dreams!



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