We Decided to Keep our Pregnancy a Secret – Here’s why we did it
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We Decided to Keep our Pregnancy a Secret – Here’s why we did it

With our first born child, we over think, can feel overwhelmed, and most importantly, we tell the world from the moment we discover our pregnancy.

That is how I was as well with my first baby, and I notice the same trend with everybody else. From the first home pregnancy test, first sonogram, first heartbeat video, to birth; everything is known by everyone.

Some women continue this trend with every single pregnancy. It’s common!

Which is one thing I am not.

I am an introvert with extrovert tendencies. Meaning, I can talk your ear off, but I prefer my own company.

I did the whole ‘keeping everybody updated on social media’ thing with Jordan. It was my first baby. I didn’t know ANYTHING except how excited I was!

I found out pretty fast how exhausting it all was.

Fast forward to my second pregnancy. I decided to hold it as Anthony and I’s own. We kept it from the world as long as we could.


Why? Is that even possible?!


I wanted for us to be selfish for just a little while, if that’s what you choose to call it. I knew from experience how quickly pregnancy flies by.

It’s a time for your body to do odd things and stretch to it’s limits, but it’s also a time to cherish while you can.

Once everyone knows, that’s all everyone wants. I figured…if they don’t know, they don’t ask. They ask because they care, but when everyone cares, it easily becomes overwhelming.

With social media, and as a millennial, it was difficult to keep it quiet! We are so in tune with everyone without seeing them.

We almost broke down for one of those cute announcement pictures with Jordan holding an Easter basket full of eggs that said, “BABY EALY SEPTEMBER 2016” but I didn’t at the last minute. I posted a photo of us coloring eggs, with some of them facing the camera as a “hint” if anyone could find the clues, but nobody caught on! (Which was what I was aiming for).

We Kept Our Pregnancy a Secret - Here's Why - https://jordanandarlohaveanadventure.com


I have a very short figure, and as my pregnancy with Jordan, I grew QUICK. I figured nobody would ask for a little while longer. For all they know, I’ve just been eating too many fatty foods. Nobody wants to ask, “How far along are you?” for you to reply, “I’m not!”

Those I was around frequently eventually found out the truth. They either decided I was definitely pregnant and asked, or didn’t even ask and just started chatting about it.

I told (even warned) everybody, it stays off social media. That was my goal.

It was so worth it in the end.

With Jordan, EVERYBODY was there the whole time while I labored. (Not during the show, but labor is horrible if you don’t already know!) I hated it. The amount of visitors was overwhelming, but I hadn’t the heart to make anyone leave. Even when I brought him home, everyone was in and out.

We Kept Our Pregnancy a Secret - Here's Why - https://jordanandarlohaveanadventure.com

Not with Arlo. The birth was quick. I only labored four hours, pushed for 10 minutes. It was much more relaxed. We only had a handful of visitors at the hospital, and some here and there once we arrived home.

Here was the best part…the social media reactions! Remember, they only knew if they saw me in person. It was priceless! (& this is only a FEW!)

We Kept Our Pregnancy a Secret - Here's Why - https://jordanandarlohaveanadventure.com

I would definitely go that route again!

It also opened up my eyes to a sad fact…we don’t communicate like they did before all of this technology. It makes you wonder if our communication will increasingly grow worse with time…


“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein

(I’ve actually heard this quote is false, As in, Einstein didn’t actually say this, but it’s still a good quote!)



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9 thoughts on “We Decided to Keep our Pregnancy a Secret – Here’s why we did it”

  1. Our relationship with social media is interesting. I am still navigating it and privacy and comfort. Good for you for following your gut.

  2. I did the online announcement and updates with my pregnancy, but we waited until I was well into the second trimester and we had told our most important people in person. I agree with that quote, too, even if it is fake!

  3. I was on facebook recently when I saw someone’s status say that they were 2cm dialated…. then they were being sent home…. they were on the birthing ball… then were back in the hospital… then they were 8cm… and it didn’t even stop there! I wonder if they actually paid any attention to the birth. This never understood this trend of putting everything we do on social media, I admire your approach to your second pregnancy and I hope I would have the self control to do the same!

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