Fishing Frenzy! Moraine State Park- Butler County, Pennsylvania
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Fishing Frenzy! Moraine State Park- Butler County, Pennsylvania

Fishing Frenzy! Moraine State Park Butler County Pennsylvania - - #fishing #angler

Moraine State Park…it has been around for a very very VERY long time! My grandfather often refers to by the lake’s name, “Lake Arthur”. Moraine was once a small town that transformed into a man-made lake. The surrounding areas also contribute to hiking, picnicking, trails for hiking, boating docks, a small park for kids to play, a closed off area just for swimming, and even hunting!

It is one of my favorite places in Pennsylvania. It has been named one of the “25 Must-see Pennsylvania State Parks” by Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Anthony had the day off yesterday, so after debating most of the morning, we decided to go fishing (something we haven’t had much time to do this whole summer!)

I’m surprised I haven’t really mentioned this much, but I LOVE to fish. It’s something I feel that I’m naturally talented at. When I want to take a break from my executive CEO full-time mom position here in my lovely house of chaos, managing these little tikes, I almost always go fishing. We usually bring the kids with us, but it has been a very long time since Anthony and I have had time to ourselves.

I texted my mom, asking if she would take the boys for a few hours so Anthony and I could have some much needed “us” time.

We had all our bags packed, when I made a horrible realization. “Do you happen to know where I left my fishing license?” I asked Anthony.

He just made that face. You know ladies… that one where they want to say something witty and sarcastic, but hold it in because they know it’s going to strike a nerve?

“No. I haven’t.”

He is always on my case about putting things in a safe place…and of course I never do and completely regret it.

We searched for a good half hour before I just decided to call Wal-mart asking if they could print me a new one.

“For a small fee of $6.90 we can.”

Money, money, money! Oh well. It beats having to pay for a whole new one I suppose.

So, we packed the kids away into the car, and left for grandma’s house, then to Wal-Mart. We purchased my new fishing license, some worms, and of course a few new lures! Then off we went to Moraine!

It looked packed once we pulled in, but luckily, all the cars were out on their boats. There were only two or three groups that were actually fishing.

As I put my worm on the hook, I can’t help but reflect back from two years ago. I use to HATE fishing. I refused to touch the worms, I had the biggest bobber ever on my line, and if by some miracle, I DID catch a fish, I absolutely would not touch it.

My love for fishing was a gradual process.

I first slowly started to conquor my fear of the worms. I use to lay them on the lid and try to stab them with the hook, which completely didn’t work 😅

Once I actually grabbed the worms, I felt HORRIBLE stabbing them 😣

I think the worst obstacle I had to overcome, was actually touching the fish. I envisioned them being slimy, which made me squeamish. I also knew each fish had different ways to ward off predators. For example… blue gill have spikes along their spine, catfish have spikes everywhere that will stab you (so it seems anyways).

I threw out my line. Anthony still was trying to get a lure on. He always goes for the big fish, while I always tend to go for the pan fish. When it’s a really good day, we really bring home some good eats!

Fishing Frenzy! Moraine State Park Butler County Pennsylvania - - #fishing #anglerAfter a few tosses, something finally caught my line. He started jumping around as I pulled him in. Love a good fight.

I thought it was a small bass, but it was a perch! Pretty big too!

Anthony starts pulling his line in, and I grew excited to see what was making such a struggle. He pulls his line a little harder, and we see this seagull plummet down to the water, dropping his lure, and flying away.

“Well, at least if he thinks it’s real, bigger fish will too!” I laughed.

I pulled in another one, a bigger blue gill. He completely swallowed my hook. I couldn’t even begin to locate it. I handed him off to Anthony to pull the hook out. He started bleeding pretty good. I threw him on the stringer. He wasn’t going to make it, but the good news is that he was big enough to get some meat off of.

I can’t help but sit back and admire the boats going by. I always hear the families on there laughing and carrying on, especially when someone has a fish on the hook. I can just imagine; the picnics, the rays, the experience! One day I’ll have a nice big pontoon, and we will reel in big fish from dawn until dusk.

I pulled in two more blue gills. Both much too small. “Get bigger buddy!” I’d tell them as I tossed them back to the water.

My next catch I almost died of laughter. It was this tiny fish that was actually on my hook. I thought it was a minnow at first, but I honestly have no idea what he was.

Fishing Frenzy! Moraine State Park Butler County Pennsylvania - - #fishing #angler

Cute little guy!

Anthony started reeling something big in, and as soon as he was right at the edge, he spit out the lure and swam away.

This is usually how our fishing trips go. I catch a whole bunch, Anthony is lucky to leave with one or two.

More than likely, it is due to the type of fish we are trying to catch.

I definitely feel like I can call myself an angler when it comes to pan fish, but I have only caught one thing on a lure. Do you know what it was?

A dead catfish. How the hell do you catch a dead catfish?!

Anthony finally switched over to a hook with a worm, leading him to his first catch of the day.

“Kaylee…do you know how I caught him?”

“The gill…”

I pulled in another perch, but this one was too small. I pulled the hook out of his lip and tossed him back. I could see the water ripple as he took off.

As the sky turned orange, I watched the light twinkle off the water. If you looked close enough, you could see some small fish scavenging for food near the edge of the water. Seagulls flew all around, casually dropping down to the water for a fish.

We watched the people around us pull some in. The guy to our left pulled in a bigmouth bass, and his kids were so excited about it.

My fishing streak steadily decreased down to nothing. I would grow ecstatic when my hook would drag across the rock and become slightly snagged, why?

It mimicked a catch!

We watched the sun fall, as we continued to cast out our lines. Some anglers began pulling out their lanterns and bug spray, ready for the night.

I have never had good luck night fishing. It’s something I’ll just have to work on!

We packed up the car and left.

Days like today mean so much to me. I love my boys more than life itself, but I definitely cherish time Anthony and I get to spend together.

If you’re ever in Pennsylvania, I highly recommend you check out Moraine State Park! You will LOVE it!


Happy fishing!






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7 thoughts on “Fishing Frenzy! Moraine State Park- Butler County, Pennsylvania”

  1. I haven’t fished in a long while, but it instills such a feeling of peace.. I enjoyed your post, and your “narrative of your experience” style! I enjoy writing in that manner as well, and sometimes feel a little guilty about it. It is good to see someone else write that way!

    1. Haha that’s always been my style! I am the matriarch of this house, I have to center some attention around myself😂

  2. This is a really nice post. I enjoyed reading it. I’ve always wanted to go fishing but I don’t know if I will ever be able to get rid of my fear of worms lol.

  3. Never im my life have i been fishing but after reading this i think i might just give it a shot! thanks for the read, thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

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