How to Completely Change your Look

How to Completely Change your Look

Have you ever noticed some criminals switch up their hair-do when they go on the run? Why is that?


Hair is a big deal! It strongly defines your looks, which is why cutting my hair was a huge deal to me. I am fortunate enough that my hair grows like a weed, but what really makes it a big deal is the comfort it brought me.

I’ve had the same look for probably 7 years, I don’t know how to look any different! Why would I do such a thing as to cut it short?!How to Change your Looks - The 5 reasons I decided to cut my hair (and I have no Regrets!) - - #wigsforchildrenwithhairloss #momhair

I would ask family and friends their opinions, and just about all of them had the same answer: DON’T DO IT!

It made me think more and more about it. Should I take the leap?

A few key factors helped me come to my final decision.

It’s Summer!

This one is kind of self explanatory. It’s hot out! It just adds on when you have that heat piled up on the back of your neck. It’s so much easier to have short hair at the pool too. If I go short.. no more pulling chlorine-soaked hair through a hair tye.

I have Kids

This is a mom’s ultimate decision sometimes…(well, it was for me anyway). You grow this baby in your belly for 9 months, and through all the nausea, vomiting, stretch marks, and weight gain, you of course have your little miracle baby, but you also walk out with this beautiful, thick, long, luscious hair! Why on EARTH would you take one of the only good things that happened to your body away?!

Simple…I don’t get to do anything with it anyways. Too time consuming! Isn’t it every woman’s dream to wake up and be good to go to begin with? That wish doubles with mom’s!

Confuscious says, “If your hair isn’t in reach, your hair isn’t going to get pulled!”

It sounds like something Confuscious would say…

I needed Something NEW

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty low maintenance. Always have been, and more than likely, always will be. Therefore, I’ve had the same hair since 9th grade. I’m over it. I see people posting pictures of themselves all the time from like 2 years ago captioned, “OMG I look so different!”

Meanwhile, if I do that it’s like…huh, weird, I still look exactly the same, maybe just a bit skinnier, or chunkier. I must be more boring then I thought…

It’s One Thing I had Control over in my Chaotic Life

Can you recall a period in time where NOTHING is going right for you? Life is just coming after you with all these guns and ammo, but all you have is a knife?

This is a period of time, just like that, for me. It is just problem after problem. I can’t control any of it, but at least I can have control over my looks. No?

I Wanted to Give to a Child Who Needed it

After being diagnosed with MS, I really started to think, if there was one thing I could have in this world, it would be someone to make this better somehow…anything. Isn’t that what anybody wants?

There isnt much I can do for the MS community yet, but I can this for a cancer fighter. I’ve seen what my grandfather went through with the chemo and medications. When a child with cancer loses their hair from the chemo, it’s another unwanted issue to them on top of having cancer in the first place. I can’t cure them, but I can at least give them my hair.

If you haven’t guessed (and we arnt social media buddies) I went through with it! All 22 inches!

How to Completely Change your Looks - The 5 reasons I decided to cut my hair (and I have no Regrets!) - - #wigsforchildrenwithhairloss #momhair

I donated all of it to Children with Hair Loss. Really simple process, and they take color treated hair as long as it’s in good condition 😊 It’s a really great program, they give your hair to a child that needs it, FREE OF CHARGE, and they also give them a yearly hair care kit until they are 21, also free of charge!

Remember, it’s just hair, it does grow back, and even though it influences your looks a lot, it doesn’t change who you are😊




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