Income Report for July 2017 (& Goals for August!)

Income Report for July 2017 (& Goals for August!)

Why post my income report?

July was my second month blogging ever. I was skeptical beginning my blogging journey at first. I felt a lot of uncertainty. There are just so many great mom bloggers out there! Who am I to compare? I pondered on that thought for a few months before one day, I started answering that question…

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“I’m a mother, who is not only a mother, but a mother who completed a Practical Nursing program with a newborn, graduated and passed my NCLEX the first shot, started at a new school pregnant again to further my career, and completed my first year with a toddler, a newborn, and barely passed due to my hospital stay in the last month, not to mention leaving the hospital with a new diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. What CAN’T I freaking do?”


Alright, heck yes. Let’s do this. I will become a mompreaneur! Positive attitude, check!

Income Report for July 2017 and goals for August!-August begins my 3rd month of blogging, and I have come a long way!-http://jordanandarlohaveanadventure.comI’m going to do a little backtracking since I didn’t make an income report last month. I will save the suspence and start with my first month, I made $0, and put a good bit of cash into my blog to buy my own hosting and get things started. I HAVE to own my own site if I am to get anywhere with this. (Click here if you want to learn how to make your own website!)

I spent May setting up my site, and making a few posts to get the ball rolling. I applied for Amazon Affiliates, but was shamefully rejected due to my lack of content. June I took a step forward and applied for Google AdSense. I was approved. What?! In June, I joined a really amazing facebook group that hosted a 10K Challenge that really got me on my feet. (Start a Money Making Blog) The rest of June was basically just me tinkering with WordPress and figuring things out. I made no steps toward monetization, just trying to build traffic!

July, here we come!  I took some huge steps:

  • Joined a bunch of Facebook blogger groups
  • Made a YouTube Channel
  • Began communicating with other bloggers via Facebook groups
  • I ended July with 24 blog posts! That is a HUGE accomplishment for me!
  • Signed up for and was approved by Share-a-sale (an affiliate program)
  • Became a BlueHost affiliate
  • Received my first freebie to review (which I used to make my first YouTube video)
  • Increased my traffic.
  • Became active in all my social media platforms.
  • Installed HootSuite and BoardBooster to help auto-post to social media for me!
  • Narrowed down my niche; I was labeling myself lifestyle blog, but I now label myself a mom blog!
  • Turned my Pinterest and Instagram into business profiles
  • Switched over to Rich Pins on Pinterest instead of my old boring ones
  • Started titling my photos.


As for the total income from my Blog in July:

Google AdSense– $10.47

TeeBlox– Free T-shirt in exchange for a review, valued at $8.99.

That’s all she wrote for July. Yeah. No 30,000. Not even 1,000. This is not a get rich quick scheme!

I am building a business. No good business made millions overnight! This is something everybody that is just starting out needs to understand. You must accept this when you begin monetizing your blog! All of the blogs out there that say they made $30,000 in their 4th month of blogging or whatever are either scamming, have a helping hand, have prior marketing skills, or they’ve done this before! You cannot get frusterated, good things come to those who wait!

So how do I plan on making my blog flourish further next month? Here are my Goals for August!!!

  • Grow my Twitter Following from 450 to 1,500.
  • Increase my Instagram Following from 1100 to 1800.
  • Bloom my Facebook page Following from 220-800.
  • Spark my Pinterest Following from 230-800
  • Make more interesting tall-pins on Pinterest.
  • Become part of more collab group boards on Pinterest.
  • Make better pins (much better, mine are pathetic 🙈)
  • Search for 3 more freebies to review.
  • Get sponsored!
  • Grow my Traffic!
  • Make my own Facebook group

I go back to school on August 28th, which begins my second year of nursing, so I gotta give it my all this month! We’ll see!

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11 thoughts on “Income Report for July 2017 (& Goals for August!)”

  1. Best income report I’ve read. I appreciate the honesty and that you listed your goals. It made me want to go create my own list! Congrats on all you’ve accomplished and best of luck in the future!

  2. I love this income report! So honest and exactly where I’m at right now. I’m starting to finally see some income coming in (still only $$) but we all have to start somewhere. Keep up the hard work!!!

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  4. That is a hefty load of work you put in! I understand, working full time, working on blog 30 hours a week… It is good for people to understand, it is not some glamorous life. It may be someday, but that is a ways down the road!

  5. I’m going back to school here in a few weeks too. Little worried and hope I can balance school and my blog! So far 6 months of serious blogging (almost 2 years in on and off blogging) I’ve made $0.03. Not big, not exciting but it’s happening! I’m struggling so hard to increase my following but I’ve been doing pretty well at increasing my views. I should probably sit down and actually write out my goals. Happy to seee that your blog is doing well!

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