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TeeBlox! My First Subscription Unpackaging!

TeeBlox is amazing!   This post may contain affiliated links, please see our full disclosure page for more info.   I stumbled upon this Tee Shirt company while looking for subscription boxes (how ironic). So why did I choose them above any other? I really liked that they were authentic, made Officially Licensed Shirts atContinue Reading “TeeBlox! My First Subscription Unpackaging!”

Multiple Sclerosis Journey

Anxiety- A Blessing in Disguise

Anxiety is the monster within us all. We can’t control her, and she is always there. She strikes when we least expect it. Be it during special occasions, or when your alone in bed. Maybe she’s not a monster at all. Maybe she is trying to warn us? I experienced my first bout of anxietyContinue Reading “Anxiety- A Blessing in Disguise”