TeeBlox! My First Subscription Unpackaging!
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TeeBlox! My First Subscription Unpackaging!

TeeBlox is amazing!


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I stumbled upon this Tee Shirt company while looking for subscription boxes (how ironic).

So why did I choose them above any other?

I really liked that they were authentic, TeeBlox! Our Review and Unpackaging!/Subscribe to TeeBlox for only 8.99 a month, 6.99 with a 12 month subscription!/ jordanandarlohaveanadventure.com/ #teeblox #subscriptionboxmade Officially Licensed Shirts at such a good price, and they also have a satisfaction guarantee; if your shirt doesn’t fit or if you aren’t wild about your design, they’ll exchange it for a new one! Not to mention, you can change, skip, or cancel your subscription at any time!

Tell me more about TeeBlox!

TeeBlox makes 100% authentic Tee’s for the whole family! I ordered my first one for Jordan, because I figured hey, he can always use shirts!

They are an amazing company because they don’t just give you a shirt they randomly pick (that you may not even like!) like a lot of other companies do.

  • CHOOSE between an awesome licensed shirt, or artist designed shirt delivered right to your door every month!
  • PICK your theme! So you know what you’re getting, and you know you won’t be disappointed!

Themes include: DC, Marvel, HBO favs (we’re talking Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Breaking Bad) + many more!

They have a handy sizing chart if you are unsure of the size you need!

Sounds great, but I bet they’re expensive…being 100 % authentic and all….

THAT’S JUST IT. They are very affordable at the cost of $8.99 a month! Nope, wait I’m not done….

If you order them for a whole year…aka the 12 month subscription…they are only $6.99 a month!

I KNOW!! You don’t find deals like this too often! That’s why this was such a good subscription box for us to choose!

My Personal Experince with TeeBlox

First off, they were very informative from the get go about their products. I didnt have to do really any clicking around. Everything was right there!

Subscribing was simple.

  • Choose what Box you want (Premium, TeeBlox (Official Licensed shirts), or CommunityBlox (Designs by friendly neighborhood artists).
  • Choose your Theme, Gender, Size, and have the option to list some things that interest you in that category (Ex. Marvel-Spiderman)
  • Pick your plan, there’s month to month, 3, 6, and 12 month plans.
  • Fill out your info (name, address, and payment plan).

And that’s it! SOO simple!

TeeBlox! Our Review and Unpackaging!/Subscribe to TeeBlox for only 8.99 a month, 6.99 with a 12 month subscription!/ jordanandarlohaveanadventure.com/ #teeblox #subscriptionbox

I ordered my first shirt for Jordan in a junior size small; Disney theme.

I didn’t know what from Disney I would get, which is the best part at unpackaging.

Jordan absolutely LOVED it. As soon as he saw it, he threw off the shirt he already had on so he could wear his new shirt!

(Watch the video of our unpackaging HERE!)

Like I said in the video, it was a little big for him, but I knew when I chose my order that it would be. (Refer to the sizing chart for more info.)

That didn’t matter to him, at all!

The shirt was amazing, had a wonderful design, and was packaged nicely for arrival!

I highly recommend them, because what is better than affordable authentic Tee’s tailored to your specific interests?!

*Type in MOMTBX when you subscribe using my link to get 10% off your order if you choose the 1, 3, 6, or 12 month plan!

I hope you enjoy your authentic TeeShirts! What theme will YOU choose?!


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8 thoughts on “TeeBlox! My First Subscription Unpackaging!”

  1. I never knew a service like this existed. My boys live in t-shirts and I love getting more. Thanks for sharing the idea. It’s nice to hear the personal perspective that the t-shirts are quality.

  2. I’m happy to hear their official licensed T-shirts. Because when you get a fan made shirt in subscription box and it’s not licensed the quality is usually not as good and the print fades away.

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